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Tile Roof Sealant

Tile roofs are instantly recognizable, their distinctive curves adding appeal and bearing to any structure. Well cared for tile roofs can endure up to a century despite the constant weathering from sun, rain and more. Sealing tiles is a highly recommended part of regular maintenance, and NanoSeal provides best-in-class protection. Its advanced formulation bonds into the surface to strengthen each tile. Water can’t penetrate, yet any moisture vapors trapped within the tiles can escape, inhibiting mold and mildew and the accumulation of grime for up to 10 years. Your tile roof protects your property, and NanoSeal will protect your roof every day in any weather.


Your NanoSeal representative will spend time to understand your specific needs and concerns, and to answer any questions you may have. In all our applications, we only use highly trained technicians who are certified through NanoSeal University to provide you with the best outcome and complete customer satisfaction.

Day 1 – Your certified technician and a licensed roofing contractor may make a site visit to evaluate the roof and determine its condition. After inspection, the licensed roofing contractor will carry out any repairs that may be needed. A certified technician will prep the site by carefully protecting vegetation and surfaces below and around the roof. Next the team thoroughly sanitizes and cleans the roof, followed by a soft wash to rinse the roof without damaging the fragile tiles. Once it is completely clean, the surface may be left to dry for up to 24 hours.

Day 2 – Prior to the NanoSeal protective application, the certified technician inspects the roof to ensure that the surface is dry to the touch. The team then begins the protective coat application using either the solvent-based or water-based products.


NanoSeal normally dries in sunny areas within 2-3 hours but it requires nearly 24-36 hours for curing. Shaded areas, low temperatures, or higher humidity slow down the drying process. NanoSeal recommends limiting water contact during the curing process.


NanoSeal protects and strengthens your roof tiles with a superior breathable waterproof coating that discourages mold and mildew. Periodic washing with plain water to keep the area clean is recommended. Acids, oils, and other chemical spills need to be removed from the surface as soon as possible.


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