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Whether the surface in question is concrete, (fresh, strained and stramped), pavers, flagstone, bricks, lime stone, tile roof, travernite, granite, interior tile, stucco, wood and more. Nanoseal provides a durable hydrophobic layer which will reduce the growth of mold and mildew for years. (5-10 year guarantee depending on surface).

NanoSeal Exceptional Services

NanoSeal provides a comprehensive list of professionally delivered services required to protect and beautify any property. NanoSeal is dedicated to; providing and maintaining the highest standards in customer service to our residential, commercial, industrial and municipal benefactors of our products and services, as well as our Certified Partners.

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Site Inspection

Our NanoSeal onsite inspectors will walk the property with the property owner or manager to better understand and identify the areas of concern. Whether the services required are at ground level, vertical walls or roof tops, our professionally trained inspectors will analyze the condition of the surface for material condition, organic growth, inorganic material stains and measuring the area to provide an immediate quote.

Our NanoSeal inspectors will also be able to schedule the beginning of the project and provide accurate time-lines to completion.  They will review all the requirements to prepare the area before a NanoSeal professional will be able to begin work, the full spectrum of the steps that will be taking place, the clean-up process, and the time required for the area to not be disturbed (if necessary) to prevent any disruption in the delivery of great service, and proper ongoing care.

Finally, they will review any guarantees, assure customer satisfaction and provide opportunities for comments, testimonials and referrals. If you would like to have a NanoSeal Certified Partner visit your site for a FREE inspection and receive a complimentary quote, call (281)-771-8350 to schedule an appointment today.

NanoSeal is devoted to customer satisfaction and strives to be deserving of the highest praise in the form of referrals.


When the NanoSeal cleaning crew arrives at the project location, they will assure all items have been removed from the area and prepare the area to protect plants, pets, property decor and other belongings.

Once set, they will apply a prewash soaking, followed by the proper anti-microbial cleaning solution, degreaser, rust stain remover, remover of efflorescence caused by oxidation or whatever the properly required solution is. Once thoroughly applied with the proper cleaning agent and with enough time allowed to take full effect, the area will be thoroughly rinsed to remove all dirty water, leaving a rejuvenated, fresh, bright, clean surface. If you would like to have a NanoSeal Certified Partner visit your site for a FREE inspection and receive a complimentary quote for pressure washing or soft washing any area of your property,

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The application of NanoSeal products requires a dedication to safety prevention measures. At this point of service, the property owner or manager will not be allowed to be in the work area and will have to patiently await to witness the magical wonder of a NanoSeal hydrophobic surface protection.

Applying a NanoSeal nanotechnology hydrophobic sealer may be done in one of many ways, based on the surface structure and area to be sealed. For exterior high-traffic concrete areas or outside patio areas with paver stones, brick, flagstone, a water-base sealer will be applied with a sprayer. For fine stone, marble, travertine, granite or porcelain tile surfaces, our NanoSeal solvent based products may be applied with a sprayer, roller, brush or cloth depending on the type of surface area, the size of the surface area and if the area being sealed is located indoors or outside.

We are always eager to show our customers how incredible it is to see water react in ways most have never witnessed before and to show how incredibly valuable it is for all surface areas to be treated with a NanoSeal hydrophobic sealant that will preserve the life of every porous surface but, together, we will all have to be patient and allow the proper time to elapse so our applied solutions can fully cure.

If you just had your property professionally cleaned but you are now aware that the surfaces are not sealed and would like to preserve your property from water damage, mold, mildew, allergens, other organic materials, and inorganic material damage with a transferrable 5-year guarantee, please call (281)- 771-8350 and get in touch with us today to schedule a FREE inspection and quote.

Your amazement is our desire but, your referral is your testament to our exceeding expectations.


Through our NanoSeal University Certified Partner Program, we are strategically placing certified partners throughout the Houston area and stretching to the boarders of Texas. Our Certified partners currently benefit from being the exclusive points of product distribution of our nanotechnology hydrophobic sealers and are the required to be the applicators of our NanoSeal products required for the customer to receive the 5-year guarantee.

Our NanoSeal Certified Partner Program is a comprehensive training course covering all aspects of the NanoSeal products, service requirements, application tools, area preparation, application techniques, field training, business management, marketing strategies and more. Each graduate is provided a full business-in-a-box, leaving with the proper knowledge, tools, techniques, marketing materials, business management skills, NanoSeal product, promotional products, website profile listing, lead sourcing and ongoing support to be a successful, qualified and Certified NanoSeal Partner.

NOTE*- For our larger local commercial companies, industrial companies or municipalities that have their own service or maintenance departments with 5 or more employees, located within 100 miles of the Houston Metro area, NanoSeal University will conduct Private Certification Courses for your staff on your premises at no additional charge. Simply call (936)-203-4272 and ask for David OR send an email to today to make the special arrangements. If you would like to learn more about the NanoSeal University Certified Partner Program, please visit our site at or call (936)-203-4272

Your success is our business! At NanoSeal University, we only succeed if you do!




Manufactured at the plant in Florida, NanoSeal handles all the logistics of product distribution throughout the State of Texas and to our Certified Partners or preferred customers in other states. For our graduating Certified Partners, NanoSeal products will be available in smaller quantities at the University location or may be shipped directly to your business location to avoid transportation difficulties. For larger commercial, industrial, or municipal customers in Texas, NanoSeal will arrange all product distribution of NanoSeal products. There is no need to be concerned that the product need be delivered to one central warehouse and then incur additional cost for shipping again. NanoSeal can make the arrangements for the correct amount of product to be delivered to each plant, warehouse or location when ordered in pallets or buy the truck load.

If you are interested in purchasing quantities ranging from 1 – 5Gal. bucket up to a 16 pallet truck, please call (936)-203-4272 or email today to get a special quote.

May the product flow until it cures!

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