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Wood Sealing

NanoSeal products are primarily marketed for the protection of masonry products, but have proven to be exceptionally effective with wood. The eco-friendly nature and extremely low VOC of NanoSeal makes it a sfae option to use on public or private lakefront properties, rivers, poolside, or any other areas of environmental concerns.


Applications on wood fencing, sun decks, boat piers, outdoor furniture, and other wooden surfaces. All wooden structures including, pine, treated pine, oak, bamboo, cedar, and specialty woods benefit from NanoSeal to provide a barrier from the elements.

The NanoSeal nano particles penetrate deep into the wood to fill the capillary pores with our blend of water-repelling, UV protecting, salt water and salt air resistant seal. This makes NanoSeal a fantastic product for all coastal areas.


When the wood is sealed with NanoSeal, termites are no longer interested. This makes NanSeal a great option in heavily wooded, residential areas where termites quickly travel from neighbor to neighbor.

In areas that stay saturated from repeted rains, treating wood pilings, porch and deck frames, deck surfaces, and railings can help prolong the integrity and aesthetics of every project.


Whether the wood is freshly installed, been previously trated, or has been weathered for years, NanoSeal can prolong the life of the wood for years. 


 Some key added benefits of sealing wood surfaces are

  • Extremely Low VOC

  • Can be used around public lakes, rivers, and private waterways

  • No change in the color when absolute natural is desired

  • Can enhance the color to provide a wet look when the wood is dry

  • No need to add any color tint

  • Prolongs the life of the wood for years

  • Discourages termite damage

  • Makes wood last longer in areas that stay get wet often or stay wet

  • NanoSeal treated wood is easier to maintain.

  • Mitigates the greying of the wood surface in the sun.

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NanoSeal - Johnston Beach house deck seal After 002.JPG
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