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Sealing tiles is a highly recommended part of regular maintenance, and NanoSeal provides best-in-class protection. Its advanced formulation bonds into the surface to strengthen each tile. Water can’t penetrate, yet any moisture vapors trapped within the tiles can escape, inhibiting mold and mildew and the accumulation of grime for years. Your tile roof protects your property, and NanoSeal will protect your roof every day in any weather.

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Your NanoSeal representative will spend time to understand your specific needs and concerns, and to answer any questions you may have.


In all our applications, we only use highly trained technicians who are certified through NanoSeal University to provide you with the best outcome and complete customer satisfaction.


Step 1 – Your certified technician examines and evaluates the area to determine the condition and color of the roof tiles, including a plan to rejuvenate the color and remove stains, mold, mildew and grime.


Step 2 - Next, the team thoroughly sanitizes and cleans the surface, followed by pressure or soft washing and a final rinse of the area if needed to clear away any remaining cleaning solutions. Once it is completely clean, the surface is left to dry.

Step 3 – Prior to the NanoSeal color enhancing and protective application, the certified technician inspects the roof tiles to ensure that the surface is dry to the touch.  The team then begins the one coat color restoring application using either the solvent-based or water-based products.



NanoSeal normally dries in sunny areas within 2-3 hours but it requires nearly 24-36 hours for curing. Shaded areas, low temperatures, or higher humidity slow down the drying process. The surface may be kept open to foot traffic in 2-3 hours and to vehicular traffic in 24-36 hours. NanoSeal recommends all sprinkler systems be turned off during this time to allow proper curing.



NanoSeal protects and strengthens your roof tiles with a superior breathable waterproof coating that discourages mold and mildew.


Periodic washing with rain water will keep the roof clean . Ensuring pine needles, leaves, and branches are kept off the valleys of the roof is recommended.  

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