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Rust Stains, Calcium & Efflorescence Removal

NanoSeal is an F9 GOLD Distributor and Certified Applicator.


Rust stains are some of the most difficult stains to remove. It takes time and patience, and unfortunately, removal is sometimes very difficult. The first step when trying to remove rust stains is to identify the rust stain type and the appropriate SAFE rust stain removal product to be used.

NanoSeal uses BARC (Battery Acid and Rust Cleaner) from Front 9 Restoration products for not only rust stain removal, but for many other hard surface restoration projects as well. Our rust removal process is usually able to achieve up to 100% rust stain removal caused by fertilizer rust stains, battery acid stains, irrigation sprinklers, and even automobile radiator rust stains. Rust stains caused by rebar, metal furniture, and other steel items that have set in the same spot for years may not come out completely.

For efflorescence stains caused be the lime and sediments in the water forming a cloudy cover on the surface of stones, or for harder calcium build up around water features, we use and recommend F9 Efflo.

Anytime these chemicals or any other similar chemicals are being used, we recommend a post treatment of F9 Double Eagle to neutralize the surface.

Please contact NanoSeal with all your rust, calcium, efflorescence, grease, oil, or soil stains for a professional assessment of your stain removal needs. We will be happy to educate you on the options and give you a free estimate. Contact Us


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