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Pools are a wonderful addition to any property. Having a pool can transform a back yard as an extension of the home or create a recreational retreat area, but pools require extra care.



Pools are exposed to tremendous UV rays, salt water, or pool chemicals. Pools are most used for gathering that include outdoor food and beverages, use of sunscreen,  and tanning oils,. Keeping the pool deck surface clean and safe can be a challenge for most people.


Sealing pools NanoSeal with is a fantastic solution for adding protection from the sun, keeping the pool chemicals and excessive water from deteriorating the pool deck, pool coping, and water features. 

NanoSeal products are great for pool sealing applications as they extend the life of all pool coping, concrete, stamped concrete, limestone pavers, travertine pavers, decorative stones, marble, natural rock water features, and cool deck surfaces.

NanoSeal products penetrate and cure in the surface to omit the adding of any slippery risks around the pool. Pool areas sealed with NanoSeal products will reduce the slip and fall risks normally associated with pool areas. Even stamped concrete patios and pool decks sealed with a NanoSeal high gloss acrylic sealer are treated properly with our non-slip to assure secure footing.


Pool sealing is also necessary to reduce the time and expense of maintenance where areas are around trees and landscaping. When pool areas are left untreated they are magnets for the proliferation of algae, dirt, pollens, calcium buildup, efflorescence, fertilizer stains, food and drink stains, furniture stains, chemical stains, and much more.


NanoSeal protects and strengthens your pool deck surfaces with a superior breathable waterproof coating that discourages embedded algae, slippery slime, mold and mildew.


Around the pool areas and under trees or plants that drop berries and sap, regular washing with a blend of plain water and bleach or a light dilution of chlorine to keep the area clean is recommended.  


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