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What is NanoSeal Nanotechnology Coating?

NanoSeal S3X

NanoSeal is a superior protective sealant for exterior hard surfaces created from a proprietary modified siloxane formula. When applied, nanoparticles penetrate up to ¼ inch into the substrate to form a permanent bond with the surface’s mineral structure, strengthening it against chipping, cracking, and environmental degradation.

Water is the leading cause of issues with exterior hard surfaces. Rain and sprinkler runoff lead to mold and mildew growth and staining on stone, tile and concrete. Within and beneath the surface, water vapor accumulates and causes erosion. Many sealers only seal the surface and still allow moisture to build up beneath the coating. NanoSeal is uniquely formulated with nanoparticles that are large enough to repel surface rain and runoff, and yet small enough to allow water vapor to vent into the atmosphere. Add to this, resistance to UV, stains, salts, chlorine and chemicals, and the result is a high-performance sealant that protects all your exterior hard surfaces and extends their life for years. Our products are environmentally conscious, VOC compliant, and available in both water and solvent based formulas.


What Makes NanoSeal Unique

  1. Permanent water and moisture proofing
  2. Reinforces the density and hardness of concrete
  3. Reduces dusting, efflorescence, and cracking of the substrate
  4. Resists the corrosion of chloride, UV, chemicals, and salts
  5. Discourages the growth of bacteria, mold, mildew, and algae
  6. Extends the life of painted concrete building
  7. Does not change the color or structure of the substrate
  8. Color enhancement available to restore and rejuvenate surfaces
  9. Great for high traffic areas
  10. Self-cleaning in the rain
  11. Stain resistant e.g. wine, juice, and gum adhesion etc.
  12. 5 year warranty on ground work: concrete, pavers, and stone
  13. 10 year warranty on tile roof

What Our Clients Are Saying About NanoSeal

“Amazing product with an amazing staff to back it up. My experience with Splashproof LLC has been simply outstanding.”Alicia M.

“NanoSeal offers great service at a reasonable price. Their four man crew worked hard and did a great job cleaning my roof, driveway and patio. Quality service from an experienced company and crew.”Michael R.

“If you’re looking for a company that will go above and beyond what’s needed, this is the company for you. Not only is the product amazing so are the people. They are extremely professional and perfectionists through and through….”Nick C.

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