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  • NanoSeal's NanoClean makes an excellent mopping solution for everyday cleaning of concrete surfaces coated with a sealer, epoxy, urethane, wax, etc. NanoClean can also be used on tile, marble, granite, linoleum, laminate, and more! 


    Add one quart of product to five gallons of hot water (20:1). Wet a mop, sponge, or cloth with the mixture and mop or wipe down the area to be cleaned. Use product at full strength to spot clean stubborn areas then rinse with water. Hot water will increase the product's ability to cut through dirt, grime, and other soils. 


    Surface Prep: Sweep or use a leaf blower to clear the area to be clean of trash and debris.


    Mixing: Shake well before using to ensure uniform distribution of all ingredients.



    For outdoor surfaces - For light to medium soils, dilute up to 1 part product to 4 parts water. For heavy soils, reduce dilution rate or use at full strength. Thoroughly saturate the area to be cleaned with product solution. (For vertical surfaces, apply using a pump-up garden sprayer starting at the bottom and working up.) Allow solution to work for 5 - 20 minutes depending upon levels of soil. Use a high-pressure garden hose or power washer to remove soils. For heavier soils, scrubbing or agitation may be needed. Stubborn stains may require additional applications.


    * Detergent-Based General Purpose Concrete Cleaner can also be used to clean pavers, natural stone, siding, gutters, and More!


    Please Note:


    Surfaces may before slippery when wet. 

    It is always recommended to test the product in a small, inconspicuous area ( on the same concrete substrate) for desired results prior to application. 


    NanoSeal NanoClean