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  • NanoSeal's Grout Cleaner is a great solution for protecting grout inside and outside. NanoSeal's one-of-a-kind proprietary blend is easy to use and penetrates deeply into the grout, mitigating the embedded growth of algae, mold, mildew, and unsightly grime. Enjoy a durable, easy-to-maintain, hydrophobic, protective seal that lasts!

    NanoSeal Grout Sealer

    • Mix well before using. 

      1). Clean the grout area with surface cleaner and remove all loose grout and debris.

      2). Allow the grout to dry completely before spraying NanoSeal Grout Sealer on the tile and grout area that needs to be sealed. 

      3). Let the sealer sit for 15 minutes before wiping it off. 

      It is recommended to re-apply NanoSeal every 6 months to 12 months or as needed depending on how frequently the area is cleaned.