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NanoSeal Efflorescence Remover is an economical blend of low-odor acids, surfactants, & detergents used for the general cleaning of concrete, masonry, & hardscape surfaces. It effectively removes efflorescence, as well as surface mineral deposits. It is safe to use on most concrete surfaces, including colored concrete, and will not "burn" pigments from the concrete surface, when used as directed. 

NanoSeal Efflorescence Remover

  • Protect all areas not to be cleaned and prepared. 

    Dilute NanoSeal Efflorescence Remover with water to desired dilution rate (1:4 w/water for efflorescence cleaning, or up to 1:9 w/water to clean pavers and hardscape surfaces. Do not mix with warm or hot water. 

    Pre-wet the surface to be cleaned. Use a polyethylene pump sprayer, apply, and t a rate of up to 200-400 sq. ft. per gallon. Always use an acid reached-resistant. 

    Allow 5-10 minutes for proper reaction, then by use of an acid-resistant brush, work the cleaner into the surface. Rinse thoroughly with water.