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What is the NanoSeal Process and Why is it so Revolutionary? Frequently Asked Questions about NanoSe

The NanoSeal system always begins with you in mind. And we’d like to let you know what you can expect when you choose NanoSeal.

First we’ll first schedule an onsite inspection to walk through the property with you, listen to your concerns and ideas and note areas that need attention. Next our highly trained team will perform a thorough cleaning of the hard surface areas, including stain, mold, mildew and deposit removal. When the area is prepared, the NanoSeal hydrophobic sealant is applied and given time to dry and cure. It’s that simple and easy to have a durable, worry free finish with the NanoSeal stamp of approval.

Other questions that are frequently asked about NanoSeal are:

How does NanoSeal protect my exterior hard surfaces? NanoSeal’s hydrophobic formula penetrates and strengthens the surface structure. Its breathable, waterproof coating inhibits mold, mildew and grime buildup while also protecting against UV, chlorine, chemicals, salts and harsh environmental factors.

How long does it last? NanoSeal’s durable finish is warrantied to last 5 years on most surfaces, including concrete, pavers, stone, stucco, and more. For clay tile roofs, the warranty is an impressive 10 years.

How does it look? Nanoseal dries clear and never yellows or peels. It has a nonslip finish and lets the natural beauty of the substrate through. We also offer color enhancement finishes that can restore and rejuvenate the luster of stone, tile and surfaces that may have dulled with weathering and age.

NanoSeal is committed to providing you with the best products, procedures and service. This starts with the first visit and continues through the life of the product. Let one of our experienced NanoSeal Partners show you how easy it is to protect your hard surface spaces and keep them looking great today and for many low maintenance years to come.

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