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What is the NanoSeal Certified Partner Program and Distributor Program?

NanoSeal is not only a manufacturer, but a national network of distribution partners and service partners across the United States. NanoSeal offers two Partnership programs, one for Certified Applicators (partners) and one for Distributors.

NanoSeal Certified Partners are those who have completed NanoSeal's certification school. These individuals are comprised of independent contractors, residential service providers and corporate staff who are certified in the proper preparation and application of NanoSeal products. Only these graduates are authorized by NanoSeal to offer the 5 and 10 year warranty to the end user.

NanoSeal's Distribution Partners consist of a national network of distributors who sell NanoSeal's products to Certified Partners and consumers in their market. Distribution Partners may be those who already have a retail store for pressure washing supplies, pool supplies, paints, masonry materials, etc. or someone looking to start their own business.

If you are interested in becoming a NanoSeal Distribution Partner or Certified Partner please contact NanoSeal today for more information.

Exclusive distribution territories are going quickly so call today!

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Why Should I Become a NanoSeal Certified Partner?

NanoSeal is the manufacturer of specially designed nanotechnology hydrophobic products, produced in the State of Texas and it is thru our family of Distribution Partners that the product is available to be purchased in local markets and thru our Certified Partners it is sold to the end consumer and applied to their property.

Our products are formulated to be longer-lasting, lower odor, and carry a longer warranty in comparison to most other products available today. After researching other products and asking contractors about their experience with other products, the #1 complaint from contractors was a void of true warranty backing from the manufacturer, being accused of applying inappropriately. The #2 complaint was that the product did not last, and the others were; the product yellowed, was difficult to mix, cracked and peeled, required stripping before re-application.

All the above complaints are valid and painful to the individual or company using the product, the one presenting the product as a solution to the customer, the one applying the product, the one the customer is holding responsible. NanoSeal has experienced all these pains which were the foundation of our desire to not just sell products but build a family of opportunity and support.

Who Can Qualify to Become a Certified Partner?

NanoSeal is seeking to partner with qualified contractors and companies who are passionate about delivering excellence in a variety of fields. Our preferred individuals all share a few common traits:

  • They all have established a proven reputation of quality service and integrity in their skills and their community.
  • They have a solid record of ethical business practices.
  • They share a strong entrepreneurial spirit and devotion to mentoring others.
  • They are seeking to exponentially increase their revenue, profit margins and seek to grow their individual brands with our support.
  • They provide cleaning services, residential or commercial construction, remodeling services, property management or maintenance services, pool and backyard additions, masonry and hardscape construction, roofers, power/pressure or soft wash services, fence and deck builders, and select other services that are a good fit for NanoSeal hydrophobic sealers.
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How Can I Become a Certified Partner?

NanoSeal Certification courses are held each month at our office, located in Conroe, TX. To attend the courses, you must make a reservation for the training. Please call 281-622-5555 or email your information to today to get the course schedule information.

We believe it is imperative that all our Certified Partners are provided all the education, marketing materials, products and tools necessary to be fully successful and prosperous upon completion of the NanoSeal Certified Partner program.

Likewise, we seek to expand our network of Distribution Partners. NanoSeal provides special Distribution Partner course training for those candidates separately. The focus is dedicated to supplying local Certified Partners, marketing to commercial end users and industrial clients.

For those visionaries who are really driven to build the NanoSeal brand, NanoSeal also offers Exclusive Distribution Partnership contracts in markets where the territory is not yet secured and still available.

Whether you seek; to add NanoSeal application to a portfolio of services offered, add NanoSeal to a list of products supplied to your buyers, or to open a territorial distribution center, only through a NanoSeal Certification Partnership will technical support, marketing materials, company support, and authorization to promote our industry leading up to 10-year warranty* be available.  Call today and let’s seal a deal.


What is Included in the NanoSeal University Courses?

The Certification class is a comprehensive course covering a multitude of subjects including the items below and much more. You will leave with a thorough understanding of the product and how to apply it, plus tips for marketing and running your business.

  • Introduction
  • Meet the NanoSeal Team
  • Product Knowledge & Demonstration
  • Processes and Procedures
  • Forms and Marketing Materials
  • Keys to Success
  • The certification classes are held each month, offered both during the week and weekends.
  • Each class is limited to a maximum number of students and fills quickly.
  • Every employee who will handle the NanoSeal products must be certified.
  • Multiple staff certification pricing is available with Professional, Enhanced or Enterprise Certification Packages




Our mission is to provide individuals with the most comprehensive training and preparation, including all the necessary tools and NanoSeal product to be profitable within the first 30-90 days upon completion of our course.We have eliminated many of the obstacles most people have with purchasing a franchise or business. We do not have a large franchise fee, heavy monthly fees, or take a portion of profits. We provide all the education, preparation, tools and product to be in business the day you graduate from NanoSeal University.Upon completion of NanoSeal Certification Course and applying the product at retail rates, you should recoup and exceed the initial investment of your original package purchase.


If you are one of the first three to sign up for the NanoSeal Certification Class this month you will receive a $250 credit toward additional promotional products like branded shirts, hats, gloves, etc..HURRY space is limited. Call now to reserve your spot today!

936-622-5555 and ask for David Foy.

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