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NanoSeal Southwest Florida owns distributions rights of NanoSeal products along the Southwest Coast of Florida. Based out of Sarasota, we are a first responder owned and active members of the NAHB, FHBA, MS-BIA and YBP. In addition to distribution, we offer residential and commercial cleaning, sealing and stain removal services on concrete, pavers, stone, fencing, tile roofs, aluminum, siding, stucco, grout and more that is fully backed by a 5 to 10 year warranty.

NanoSeal is unique in that it penetrates into the surface and chemically bonds at the molecular level. This bond creates a hydrophobic barrier that increases the tensile strength of the surface and protects against natural wear and tear, keeping it looking newer, longer. Our products are eco-friendly and eliminate the need for harsh chemicals and repetitive pressure cleaning, which can be costly, labor intensive and damaging to the surface and environment. NanoSeal sealers also prevent the growth of embedded mold and algae that leads to the liability of health and slip hazards, ultimately making your home or business a safer place. At NanoSeal Southwest Florida, integrity, quality workmanship and building strong, lasting relationships are the foundation of who we are and what we do.

Our products are available for purchase by 6-gallon bucket or by the pallet to best serve your personal or professional needs. We offer Clear Water-Based, Clear Solvent-Based and Color Enhancing Solvent-Based sealers. The Color Enhancing sealer is a top seller and a great solution for bringing life and color back into faded pavers or natural stone. Additionally, all NanoSeal certified applicators benefit from the 5 to 10 year manufacturer-backed warranty, depending on the surface. Please contact us directly with product, pricing or certification inquiries.

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“I feel like I have a whole new driveway! What a difference it made to my homes curb appeal! Highly recommend!” – Patricia C.

“NanoSeal is very fair and excellent at what they do! My pavers have never looked so good!” – Sean H.

“I highly recommend this paver seal company with a five-year warranty! My pool deck area looks brand new! They listened and provided everything we asked for!” – Patty H.

“Very professional and knowledgeable team! We just had our pavers sealed and our patio has never looked better! Thank you NanoSeal!” – Amanda F.

“They are very straight forward and honest about every application. Don’t fall for cheap imitations, make sure you give NanoSeal a chance! – Kim B.

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