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The NanoSeal Distributors Program

NanoSeal, LLC is actively seeking to expand our network of Distribution Partners.


Our goal is provide our loyal Certified Partners and purchasing agents with a local establishment in every medium-size city, within a 1 hour commute in every major market across the United States, and internationally where they can purchase NanoSeal restorative, and protective products. 


Our loyal Certified Partners and consumers are seeking the ability to purchase our hydrophobic sealers and restorative products locally during regular business hours and without having to wait for delivery or pay additional shipping fees.


NanoSeal may be sold to the public consumers, our Certified Partners, commercial businesses, municipalities, and industrial companies.  

  Our preferred Distribution Partners may be those who already have a retail store or material supply store for pressure washing supplies, pool supplies, paint supplies, masonry materials, flooring supplies, siding supplies, local hardware or general construction supply, rock and hardscape supply, janitorial supply, paving supplies, roofing supplies, or some other trade business.

For international distribution opportunities, all shipments will be FOB from the nearest US port.

Orders must be purchased in minimum quantities of a pallet and may be fulfilled in buckets, barrels, totes, or tanks.

To learn more about adding NanoSeal products to your inventory list, please complete the form below and we will respond promptly.

We look forward to the opportunity to welcome you to the NanoSeal Distribution Partner network.

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