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NanoSeal is committed to providing the best nanotechnology hydrophobic products.  Our mission is to reduce the accelerated destruction of exterior porous surfaces and most construction materials caused by the elements.


As depicted in the image above, our sealers preserve, prolong the enhance, integrity, and aesthetics of the property. Our procedures and services ensure our customers are provided a lasting value for their investment. 


This starts with the first call, email, or visit, and continues through the life of the product. If you’re a homeowner or represent a business, municipality or industry we’ll listen to you, answer any questions, and schedule an onsite inspection at your convenience.

Simply complete the Contact form below


Onsite Inspection

During the onsite inspection, your NanoSeal representative will walk the property with you to better understand your areas of concern.


Whether the services you need are at ground level, vertical walls, or roof tops, our experienced professionals will identify areas of deterioration, and create a plan to rejuvenate, enhance, beautify, transform, and seal the surfaces.

Each customer is provided the scope of work to be completed, an estimated timeframe of the work and have a firm quote.




Project Scheduling

Once your site inspection has been completed and a scope of work has been identified, a NanoSeal representative will communicate with yo to confirm the th order.

We will review the project expectations, confirm the service dates and times, and review customer participation plan of action.

We like to prepare our customers with the basics, turn off irrigation, fountains, and water features, remove or store as much furniture, planters, and personal belongings to clear the way for the crews, avoid scheduling all other contractors during the entire project to ensure maximum satisfaction, and help keep pets and other people off the surfaces.

Surface Preparation


The project may be a simple removal of organic growth or can be a full stripping, rust stain removal, calcium removal, efflorenscence removal, organic stain removal, oil stain removal,  fertilizer stain removal, grout repair, or some other specialty service.


Other projects may be more complicated by including the roof, upper-level patios, multi-surface treatments that each require a different process, or some areas requiring water and others not.

In all cases, it is necessary to be weather concious and patient with each process to ensure proper preparation and application.



Before the NanoSeal hydrophobic sealant is applied, your certified team will test that the area is properly dry. Application depends on the condition and area, but may include the use of a sprayer, roller brush, or cloth.


Drying times vary on weather conditions from a few hours to longer.


Cure times, when the product is completely dry, can vary from a couple hours to a couple days depending on the season and type of sealer being applied.


Your NanoSeal representative will talk with you about use while the product is drying and curing. They will also cover the proper maintenance of the area so that your durable, easy upkeep finish can last for years.

We are always eager to show our customers how incredible it is to see water react in ways most have never witnessed before and to show how incredibly valuable it is for all surface areas to be treated with a NanoSeal hydrophobic sealant that will preserve the life of every porous surface but, together, we will all have to be patient and allow the proper time to elapse so our applied solutions can fully cure.

Your amazement is our desire but, your referral is your testament to our exceeding expectations. Please let us hear your testimonial. Contact.



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