Trusted Sealant Experts

What do we do ?

NanoSeal focuses on distribution of the highest quality solutions for sealing substrates to be used for residential, commercial, municipal and industrial applications through the network of NanoSeal Certified Partners. We remain dedicated to providing NanoSeal coatings for a variety of materials including: concrete, paver stones, brick, flagstone, landscape stones, stack stones, Austin stone, stepping stones, travertine, tile, clay roof tiles and more. NanoSeal University focuses on providing the most comprehensive educational and instructional program in developing a successful business opportunity for our valued Certified Partners. Our NanoSeal service department provides power washing and soft washing services for select residential and commercial customers. In the field, we are providing our clients with only the best solutions for their needs.

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What do we believe?

NanoSeal believes that our products make a difference in the life of the building materials and help people keep their homes and office buildings looking great without the regular maintenance that would otherwise be required. We enjoy the difference we make in the beautification of the community. Once NanoSeal has been properly applied, water will need to find another place to go, because it won’t be able to penetrate the surfaces that have been treated. Instead of watching out for mold and mildew on these surfaces, customers can now just enjoy their beautiful surroundings day after day. It’s this difference in making our clients lives better that drives us to continue doing what we do.Likewise, NanoSeal believes our Certified Partnership opportunity will have a direct positive impact on the lives of our Partners, their families, team members and surrounding communities.

What makes us different?

Our products are produced right here in the USA! Manufactured in Texas, we provide our customers with outstanding manufacturer guarantees ranging from 5-10 years. Our hydrophobic sealant products are made with water repellent nano-particles smaller than the pores penetrating deep into the material, chemically bonding at the molecular level. External water is kept from entering the pores as the water molecules are larger than the small Nano molecules that are now bonded to the substrate. This creates what we call a super hydrophobic condition. While remaining breathable to allow for water vapors to escape the substrate, NanoSeal products prevent moisture from entering the substrate while maintaining the vapor permeable abilities of it. NanoSeal water-repellent products create long-lasting protection from the harmful environmental effects such as the sun, wind, and rain.