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About Us

NanoSeal is proud to provide industry leading technology with our penetrating sealant for exterior hard surfaces. With our exclusive Certified Partnership program we promise the highest quality products with exceptional customer service and communication to back them up. We base our company on trust, integrity, and responsibility at every level, and are committed to giving back to the communities we serve with environmentally friendly products and practices.



As a homeowner, you want to enjoy your outdoor spaces with family and friends. Nothing can dampen your mood quite like being greeted by a patio, pool deck, stucco or tile roof covered in stains, mold and mildew. Instead of relaxing, you can feel the stress rising as you catalog the list of issues you really should take care of.

We’d like to help you get back to that zen weekend feeling. NanoSeal’s proprietary system starts with an assessment and thorough cleaning of your exterior hard surfaces. Once the areas look great, an application of NanoSeal nanoparticle sealant will ensure that your property stays looking that way for many low maintenance years to come. NanoSeal repels water, inhibits mold and mildew and actually strengthens stone, tile, concrete and more. We can even enhance and restore the color and luster that you thought had faded forever. And regular cleanup can be as easy as an occasional water rinse. Let one of our experienced NanoSeal Partners help you find the right solution for all your exterior hard surface problems.

Commercial, Municipal & Industrial

NanoSeal provides a durable, high traffic sealant that protects commercial, municipal and industrial hard surfaces, including concrete, walkways, stone, stucco, tile roofs and more. Maintaining a pleasant, safe and professional environment around buildings is a priority. Staining, mold and mildew not only give off a poor impression, they can also create the liability of health and slip hazards.

NanoSeal’s technologically advanced sealant repels water and stains and inhibits fungal and algal growth. Our sealant can help to retain the value of your property as it bonds with the substrate to strengthen it against environmental erosion. Dirt and grime are easily rinsed away. And with the high-performance coating, it will significantly lower maintenance and repair costs over the wear and upkeep of unsealed surfaces.


 Applicators & Distributors

Our Certified Applicator network is proud to offer clients exceptional service and the most advanced, durable hard surface sealants available. Every NanoSeal Applicator is a graduate of the NanoSeal University Certification Program, a comprehensive educational and instructional program, which includes best practices in assessment, preparation, and application.

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